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Interview with Lauren Delsack on How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease

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An interview and lively discussion with Lauren Delsack and Valentine St. Aubyn on her radio show, Esoteric Discussions, to discuss emotional conflicts, disease and astrology. HOW EMOTIONAL CONFLICTS TRIGGER DISEASE: AN ASTROLOGICAL VIEW Amazon Kindle eBook and Audiobook Apple iBookstore eBook and iTunes Audiobook Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Read customer reviews here *** Learn more [...]

As a Man Thinketh

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Happy December 22, 2012!

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD – How Our Thoughts Control Our Body

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Walk Barefoot: Reap the Benefits of the Sun and Earth

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Breast Cancer: An Astrological View. Free Download!

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Study Guides in Astrology: Breast Cancer – An Astrological View Free download available in all eBook formats here. Learn the early warning signs of critical illness, and the emotional conflicts associated with breast cancer. Discover how to promote healing and assist others in preventing ‘dis-ease.’ In this study guide, Lauren takes you through the horoscope preparation and [...]

How My Cat Reacted to My Dog’s Death

09.15.11 Posted in Medical Astrology, Pet Astrology by

  It was about one day before my dog Tiare passed away, that my 4-year old male cat, Hildo took on a terrible cough. He was coughing, and wheezing heavily. My thoughts were that he must have taken on a respiratory infection. His symptoms sounded similar to bronchitis. He never had a problem like this [...]

When Our Beloved Pets Die

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  My beautiful Labrador, Tiare (named after the Tahitian gardenia) passed away on September 8th, 2011. She was just two months shy of turning four years old (see birth chart below). Physical symptoms appeared quite suddenly on July 26th 2011.  Around 5 PM, after returning from our usual walk, she sat on her bed and [...]

The Two-Year Clue

05.01.10 Posted in Medical Astrology by

I had a consultation with a new client the other day, who had had a severe problem with recurring bladder infections, continuously —non-stop— over the past five years. As soon as she would finish taking antibiotics and the symptoms cleared up, the bladder infection, would return. Miraculously however, over the past few months, she was astonished to observe that her bladder infection had not returned. It had vanished. It was gone!

Within A Woman’s Nest

04.15.10 Posted in Medical Astrology by

With the recent passing of Lynn Redgrave and her eight-year battle with cancer, I was intrigued to study her horoscope and life events to understand what may have triggered the onset of her breast cancer diagnosis in 2002. It was within that year Redgrave found a lump in her breast. In December she was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy in January 2003 and underwent chemotherapy.

Yves Saint Laurent

06.19.08 Posted in Medical Astrology by

Yves Saint Laurent (born August 1, 1936 at 7:45 PM GMT in Oran, Algeria; Asc 23 Aqu 17) was apparently diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. He also suffered from severe depression and underwent treatment for alcohol abuse. Health issues were a serious problem in the late 1980’s.

Sydney Pollack: Stomach Cancer

05.15.08 Posted in Medical Astrology by

Studying the horoscope of Sydney Pollack (born July 1, 1934 at 4:30 PM in Lafayette, IN; Asc 3 Sag 06), I do not see the usual telling signs of critical illness over the past three years leading up to his diagnosis (supposedly in Sept’ 07) of stomach cancer.

Senator Edward Kennedy: Brain Tumor

05.15.08 Posted in Medical Astrology by

Right now (May 2008) Senator Kennedy’s diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor coincides with the retrograde hit of tr. Pluto sesquiquadrate Jupiter, ruler of his critical illness 12th house. Transiting Saturn is about to oppose his Sun and conjunct his Moon for the final hit in June-July 2008. Kennedy was born February 22, 1932 at 3:58 AM EST in Dorchester, MA (Asc 10 Cap 49).

Luciano Pavarotti

09.15.07 Posted in Medical Astrology by

Sometime last year, we discussed Pavarotti’s horoscope on Noel Tyl’s Discussion Forum when he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer in June/July 2006. Yesterday, according to the BBC, Pavarotti was admitted to the hospital in his home town Modena, Italy. Spokespeople for Pavarotti have declined to comment on his treatment only saying that he was admitted with a fever. However, “A local newspaper reported that Pavarotti was diagnosed with pneumonia while on holiday with his family at a resort on the Adriatic seaside.”

Merv Griffin: Prostate Cancer

08.17.07 Posted in Medical Astrology by

Since prostate cancer is relatively slow growing (in 3 out of 4 cases) in comparison to other types of cancer, we can look for astrological early warning signs more than 3 years prior to diagnosis. Often times in cases of prostate cancer, we can see astrological indicators occurring approximately 5 to 8 years prior to its detection. Such is the case, I believe, with Merv Griffin (born July 6, 1925 at 4:45 AM PST in San Mateo Park, CA; Asc 10 Cancer 59).

Tom Snyder

07.01.07 Posted in Medical Astrology by

In Snyder’s natal horoscope (born May 12, 1936 at 5:30 AM CST, in Milwaukee, WI; Asc 8 Gem 12), we see potential concerns with ailments ruled by Neptune/Pisces (such as those involving the blood; Snyder was diagnosed with Leukemia): natal NEPTUNE is square the health-center Ascendant, and as well square Mercury the Ascendant ruler (the chart’s final dispositor conjunct the Ascendant in the 1st house [i.e. the physical body]). We also see that Saturn in PISCES is pulled into a wide t-square with Neptune, Mercury and the Ascendant (that signals two strong references to Neptune/Pisces health concerns).

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