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Breast Cancer: An Astrological View. Free Download!

01.17.12 Posted in Consultation Guidance, Medical Astrology, Pet Astrology by

Study Guides in Astrology: Breast Cancer – An Astrological View

Free download available in all eBook formats here.

Learn the early warning signs of critical illness, and the emotional conflicts associated with breast cancer. Discover how to promote healing and assist others in preventing ‘dis-ease.’

In this study guide, Lauren takes you through the horoscope preparation and consultation process with a client diagnosed with breast cancer, a case illustrated in her book, How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease: An Astrological View.” She demonstrates how to hone-in and pinpoint the emotional conflict that likely instigated disease.

Interesting interview with Dr. Leonard Coldwell:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:



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