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How My Cat Reacted to My Dog’s Death

09.15.11 Posted in Medical Astrology, Pet Astrology by


It was about one day before my dog Tiare passed away, that my 4-year old male cat, Hildo took on a terrible cough.

He was coughing, and wheezing heavily. My thoughts were that he must have taken on a respiratory infection. His symptoms sounded similar to bronchitis. He never had a problem like this before.

This time I did listen to my intuition. Something told me that he was having a reaction to my dog’s death. They were great pals. They grew up together since birth. Surely he sensed the loss of Tiare.

Sure enough, according to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, within the respiratory system — the bronchial / respiratory tracts are associated with a territorial conflict such as feeling threatened, “smelling” threats, or the fear of losing the territory or the actual loss of it.

The lung or lung alveoli (air sacs) are associated with a death-fright conflict such as a feeling of intense danger, a fear of dying or suffocation, including fear for someone else — in other words, fear linked to the sudden death of my dog.

I decided to wait before I gave him medicine to clear up his symptoms. Instead, I talked to him, showered him with affection and tried my best to soothe away any of his fears.

It seemed to help. Over the next two days, his coughing and wheezing subsided and disappeared. Just like that — with love and with understanding of how unexpected emotional conflicts can trigger dis-ease in our physical body.

Hildo’s birth chart is in the inner wheel, the transits in the outer wheel at the time of Tiare’s death. Transiting Pluto has been opposed natal Mars in the 6th house of health, ruler of the 3rd house of siblings (my dog was Hildo’s sister within our family). The Sun was transiting through his 8th house of death circumstances of others. Mars was transiting through his 6th house. And the Moon was transiting through his 12th house of critical illness, close to conjunction with his Ascendant.





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